Money Mastermind

Everything to bring the frequency of money into your life, so that you attract more of it!

Do you want more money to flow into your life?

You probably have some big dreams you want to bring to the world, and not having enough money can get in the way.

The time of survival is ending. We need to rise above survival so we can create the changes in our world that are needed to make it more sustainable. Our earth needs us, and if we are stuck in survival, we don't have the time or energy to be doing the work that is needed to create the se changes.

We need our visionaries to vision in a world that is a place where we are co-existing, co-creating and communing respectfully and gracefully with each other and the earth.

But if you, my creative friend, are stuck in survival, trying to pay the monthly bills and put food on the table, then your energy is divided. The world needs you! We need you!

Let's bring the flow of money and abundance into your life!

There is no shortage of abundance or money in our world. There is more than enough to go around, and it is out there flowing in abundance and getting into the hands of a chosen few.

You simply need to learn how to bring that flow of abundance & money into your life.

Everything is energy. It is all a frequency and you can learn to feel into that frequency with practice.

There is a frequency for love.

There is a frequency for gratitude.

There is a frequency for joy.

There is a frequency for abundance.

And there is a frequency for money. This is different from the frequency of abundance.

We will be learning how to feel into these different frequencies, so you are able to shift frequencies as needed and bring more of that energy into your life.

We will be learning, growing, mastering the frequency of money and becoming aware of all the limiting beliefs that are blocking money from our life.


As this is a mastermind, we will be flowing with the energy of the group, however here is what it will look like in the months of our gathering:

  • A monthly live group gathering together.
  • Group guided meditations on the energy of money.
  • My secret meditation I use to bring in money as needed.
  • Identifying and become more aware of the limiting beliefs blocking money from flowing to you.
  • Journal prompts to help clear out limiting beliefs.
  • Understanding and feeling into the different frequencies of money, abundance, gratitude, debt, wealth, savings, love...etc.
  • You will connect with a community of soulful tribe members, working on rising up to do good in this world.
  • You will have access to our private Facebook group for continual connection throughout the month.
  • When you commit to the continual gathering, month after month, and do the meditations and journal prompts you will shift your energy and begin to create more abundance in every way, in your life, along with increasing your flow of money.

I can hardly wait to begin our gatherings together! See you soon!

Follow your heart and join me today!

Are you tired of the struggle?

Are you ready to find out who you are and what you can do, when you are not in survival mode?

Let's do this together!

This Mastermind group is priced so low! You can commit to this amount.

And this will be the only chance to get into this mastermind group as this low price!

The next time it runs the price will be much higher! So don't wait, the changes you want are in your decision to commit to creating these changes in your life!

Your Instructor

Janice Gallant, B.Ed
Janice Gallant, B.Ed

Hi I'm Janice! I am a soulful teacher, author, life coach and artist.

I began my spiritual journey in 1993 after a traumatic life experience guided me to learn at a deeper level under a shaman. I have learned many healing modalities, expanded my intuition and have been led to writing and teaching about spirituality in our daily life. Today I live a life filled with guidance, inspiration, joy and abundance.

My job is to help you deepen your connection with your own higher power, help you get unstuck in your life, and move you into a life that you feel guided and inspired daily. I help to move you along your path and hold space for you so your old beliefs and stories that tell you you can't do it or get there, can no longer survive.

I teach you to not accept anything less than your true desire, to instill in you the power of your own creation, and to show you how easy intentionally co-creating your life gets to be.

Visit my website at

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this mastermind start and finish?
We begin on June 10th, during the new moon energy. And we meet once per month on the new moon until the end of December.
What if I can't make the group call?
Each call will be recorded and added into your Teachable account for you to access, listen, and re-listen to whenever you want.
Will there be anything else to do during the month?
You will be given a meditation for each month. You are to do this meditation daily or as often as you can. You may also be given journal prompts to help build your awareness of your thoughts and where your energy is most often resonating.

Get started now!